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Transport Non Drivable Cars

Transport non drivable cars Click Here Non-Drivable Vehicle Quote How To Move Non-Runners and Salvage Vehicles Just because your car is immobile does not mean it cannot be moved In fact, one of the greatest ironies is that you will need a car transport service to move your car when it doesn’t run. There are ... Read more

Trailer Transport Quote

Click Here for trailer transport quotation

Transporting Cars With Items Inside

Transporting Cars With Items Inside Standard Procedure Car Transport Quote Click Here Interstate Car Transport With Personal Items STANDARD RULES FOR TRANSPORTING VEHICLES WITH ITEMS INSIDE   These rules below apply to every car or vehicle transported with Moving Cars There is an option for a more relaxed service, that allows less regulation on transporting ... Read more


Protecting Your Privacy Moving Cars is committed to protecting your privacy in your dealings with our organisation. Collection of Information ‘Personal Information is defined in the Privacy Act 1988 as Information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not and whether recorded in a material form ... Read more

Transport Services Provided

Types of Transport We Offer All types of transport listed below, we will require all three dimensions to quote you correctly. Please ensure you have all three otherwise we won’t be able to provide a quote Boat Transport We can help with boat transport for any size of boat, click here for free quote Caravan ... Read more

Estimated transit times for car transport

Transit times below are estimated and are based on business days Transit times for transport of vehicles Please note that you understand that that transit times are estimates only and can never be guaranteed. We can only estimate the transit time given to us by the car carriers at the time of booking, there can ... Read more


Please note Whilst All Areas of Australia are Serviced, there will be delays due to COVID19 Interstate Car Transport At Moving Cars we like to provide instant car transport quotes to and from as many towns and cities in Australia as possible. This option, however, is not always possible, so we have a team of ... Read more

Moving Cars Updates

Moving Cars Logistics and Transport Advice Moving Cars Reviews by customer Interstate Car Transport Reviews Our Car Transport division, through its vast network of carriers and rail services, has been providing government departments, car dealers, auction houses and enthusiasts a great way of moving their cars and 4WD  from town to town or door to ... Read more

Low Cost Car Transport

Budget Car Transport Interstate Why would you need our car transport services? There are several reasons we have found that people need to make use of a car carrier. Bought a car interstate and need it transporting home People buy cars from around Australia for many reasons. Often you can find a better deal on ... Read more

Questions On Car Transport

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Interstate car transport by rail

Transporting Cars Interstate By Train: The Best Way to Move Across Continent Does all transport happen on the back of a truck? Not always, a lot of the time it does but sometimes when we transport vehicles interstate we make use of the National Rail System and at times cars are moved via ship, however, ... Read more

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport We have found that due to the much higher than expected costs of Enclosed Vehicle Transport, we do ask that customers obtain a standard quote 1st and once received, if they wish to upgrade to fully enclosed service, they reply to our quote and request upgrade rates. More often than not, fully ... Read more

Long Distance Boat Transport All Sizes and All Areas

Click Here For Boat Transport Quote Boat Transport Looking for the best in boat transport Australia wide? You can trust the team at Moving Cars to get the job done, with both care and experience. We have a range of specialised, streamlined trailers which have been designed and developed to ensure that transportation of your ... Read more


Call To Meet Car Transport Call To Meet Car Transport means to ensure that you get the cheapest car transport quote available; sometimes, the carrier will ask that you bring your car to a pre-arranged spot to meet the truck. You are saving the driver and company time and money, by not having to drive ... Read more

Terms of Transport

Moving Cars Terms and conditions Your use of our site is deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms of Use. Privacy In addition to our stated privacy policies, please be advised that visitor I.P. addresses are automatically added to all forms submitted from this site. An I.P. address can not identify you. This measure ... Read more