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Are you looking to transport a vehicle interstate?

Moving Cars has been assisting businesses and public alike with their transport needs for nearly 15 years now and going strong.


We can provide a service to ensure that your logistical needs are met with the minimum of fuss.

There are several points to consider when moving cars long distance, including but not limited to Quarantine, distance, means of transport

To ensure that you are fully aware of what is going to happen with your car please read on.



Cars entering WA and Tasmania need to pass through Quarantine.

This is something that you need to bear in mind, as Western Australia and Tasmania take their Quarantine very seriously.

One of the most important tips we can give you is to ensure your car or 4WD is empty and clean, in fact, it pays to send the car through a car wash prior to transporting it to WA.

The problem is that if there is mud or dirt on your vehicle then they may want to have it cleaned prior to entering the state, and yes you guessed it, you will pay for that pleasure, and I can assure you that it will cost more than car lovers or similar.

What happens if they don't like the cleanliness of your car

I asked our transport manager what happens, and this is what she said.

If your car is travelling to Western Australia and Tasmania, your vehicle will go through a quarantine inspection and you may have to pay any extra costs that may occur.
If the vehicle is discovered to be not to the standard of a  Quarantine Inspection you will have to pay a minimum Quarantine cleaning fee of approx $125.

Once your vehicle has been cleansed it will be then required to make an extra inspection and may incur more charges.

For more information on State Requirements on Quarantine for cars travelling to Western Australia and Tasmania, please follow the links below



More Information needed by Moving Cars

To transport vehicle interstate safely we need to be sure we have all the relevant information on your car or 4WD.

The basics are covered by our standard quote form located here Moving Cars Quote.

We do understand that some customers have special requirements of more importantly have special vehicles 🙂

We ask that if there is anything out of the ordinary then please reply to your transport quote and we will ensure that all these details are noted.


Does all transport happen on the back of a truck?


vehicle transport via shipNot always, a lot of the time it does but sometimes when we transport vehicle interstate we make use of the National Rail System and at times car are moved via ship, however, in general, this only happens from the Eastern States to Western Australia.

Does this mean that we have plenty of options when it comes to transporting your car, yes you bet it does?

To most customers it matters not how the vehicle is moved, more how much care is taken, and you can rest assured that all our carriers treat the cars in their possession as if they were their own, if not better 🙂

 Do we know what time your car will be collected

If you have opted to have your car collected from a residence or a business address then you will receive a call from the car carrier in regards to collection time, either the day before or on the day depending on the car carrier.

Transit times for transport of vehicles

Please note that you understand that that transit times are estimates only and can never be guaranteed.

We can only estimate the transit time given to us by the car carriers at the time of booking, there can be a times delays in transit due to High Volumes, peak periods, floods, rail delays and so on.
Transit times(all transit times are guides only)

Transit times are business days and do not include weekends or public holidays.

Sounds good how do we get a quote for interstate car transport then?

Quite simple really, complete our online form, and for most major routes an instant price is available, and will be shown on screen for you

Other routes are manually quoted and will be back to you within the hour during office times