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Sending car from Brisbane to Perth and W.A.

sending car brisbane to perth

Sending Car from Brisbane to Perth and W.A. with Moving Cars.

Moving Car does this routes on a daily basis, and is pretty easy to organise


When sending car from Brisbane to Perth and W.A there are a couple of things to consider.

However you do need to bear in mind the fact that your vehicle will go though quarantine, prior to arriving in Perth

You can find more information via this link CLICK HERE, but in simple terms its pretty important that your vehicle is cleaned prior to transport to alleviate the chance that Quarantine will insist its cleaned prior to being allowed to enter WA.

The cost of this cleaning will be charged directly to you by our carrier, and can be in excess of $125.00

So the best way is to make sure its clean prior to transport

For more information on Western Australia Quarantine restrictions visit this website Western Australia

The large majority of cars that are transported to Perth, go via the rail system, which is safer all round.

To make it easy to decide here is our current price on this route

[car-prices from=”Brisbane” to=”Perth”]


This is today’s price, and if you book today its the price you pay, regardless of when you transport your car.

Prices fluctuate with fuel prices, but this price is fixed once booking has been paid for

Regardless of when you are looking at transporting your vehicle, this is a popular route so we do recommend booking your car carrier, once you have decided on a company