Sending Car from Brisbane to Sydney

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Sending Cars from Brisbane to Sydney and N.S.W with Moving Cars

At Moving Cars, we transport vehicles between Brisbane and Sydney on a daily basis.

Sending a car from Brisbane to Sydney is a quick and simple process, everything you need to do is available through our online booking system.

When sending cars down to N.S.W we primarily use Car carrier trucks, and occasionally the rail system, depending on demand. Both are as safe as each other and provide the exact same high quality of service that you can expect to receive when you book with us.


See below for todays competitive price!

[car-prices from=”Brisbane” to=”Sydney”]



This price is valid as of today, and as long as you book and pay for your transport today, this is the price you will pay, even if you transport your car in a months time.

Prices can change on a monthly basis depending upon the price of fuel, however once paid for the price is set.

Whether you’re looking at moving your car tomorrow, or in a months time, we recommend booking in as early as possible to secure yourself the best deal!