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Transporting cars from Adelaide to Townsville

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Transporting cars from Adelaide to Townsville with Moving Cars.

Transporting cars from Adelaide to Townsville couldn’t be easier. We have the experience, the equipment, the resources and the professional drivers to take your car from A to B smoothly and efficiently.

Driving your car yourself wastes fuel, adds KMs and reduces the value of your car and worst of all it wastes hours of your time and energy exposing you to the risks of tired driving.

One of our carriers enables items to be transported within the vehicle. Packed in the boot and back seats, up to the bottom of the window. If you require this service please ensure you mention that you require it at the time of quoting if you speak to one of our representatives, or at the time of booking if you are using our website form.


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This is today’s price, and if you book today its the price you pay, regardless of when you transport your car. Prices fluctuate with fuel prices, but this price is fixed once booking has been paid for Regardless of when you are looking at transporting your vehicle, this is a popular route so we do recommend booking your car carrier, once you have decided on a company

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