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Transporting Vintage CarsVintage cars are the pride and joy of collectors and are often paraded during special events or car shows.

While they are mostly in good running condition, it is rather difficult and unsafe to drive them around for days on end just to get to another state.

Classic Cars are often classed as "too hard" by standard car carriers.



Classic Car Transport

The best way to go about this is to hire a professional car transport service when you need to move your car interstate. It does not matter if you’re transporting one car or a large fleet; the important thing is to be able to secure the safety of your prized vehicle. 

Professional services are familiar with the specifications and requirements when transporting vintage cars. The knowledge that it cannot simply be stacked one on top of the other because some of the parts are already fragile. It is very costly to have them replaced; not just because of the brand; but more because the parts are rare and extremely difficult to find. For example, hub caps and mags are imported from different parts of the world from other collectors and dealers.

Moving your vintage car interstate is risky business. It entails having insurance coverage for something as costly as vintage cars. Anything can happen while you’re on the road and there is no guarantee that the car can be replaced in the event that something happens to it. This is why vintage cars are most often that not insured for more than their market value whenever they are transported across state lines. You simply do not want to risk anything happening to a car that you have saved up for in order to buy.

For vintage car dealers, this is their entire business on a moving truck; and so insurance is a big issue to consider when hiring movers.

 It’s not just furniture you’re moving, you probably have a Rolls, VWs or some other car with a wow factor. It took years of restoration and hard work to make it look this good, and the last thing you need is an irresponsible team of movers who have no respect for this work of art. Check the reputation of the company before signing up with them. We have an incredibly high safety standard which is met with every individual car we transport.

Moving A Classic Vehicle Interstate

We've lost track of the total number of cars we've moved, but its numbers in the tens of thousands. All of which have arrived safely at the other end. This is really important especially if you’re transporting say 10 or more vintage vehicles. They literally cost a fortune and there’s no way to replace them should one become damaged or broken.
So get your pride and joy heading wherever you need it to go by getting a quote to move from our instant pricing form.