Interstate Transport to Western Australia

All vehicles heading to Perth and Western Australia are subject to a quarantine inspection and depending on the condition of the vehicle, there may be additional charges.

It is therefore highly recommended that you have your car cleaned prior to transport taking place, and this will involve clean inside vehicle as well as any traces of mud or dirt on outside of vehicle / car

Cars entering WA need to pass through Quarantine.

This is something that you need to bear in mind, as Western Australia take their Quarantine very seriously.

One of the most important tips we can give you is to ensure your car or 4WD is empty and clean, in fact, it pays to send the car through a car wash prior to transporting it to WA.

The problem is that if there is mud or dirt on your vehicle then they may want to have it cleaned prior to entering the state, and yes you guessed it, you will pay for that pleasure, and I can assure you that it will cost more than car lovers or similar.

What happens if they don't like the cleanliness of your car

I asked our transport manager what happens, and this is what she said.

If your car is traveling to Western Australia  your vehicle will go through a quarantine inspection and you may have to pay any extra costs that may occur.
If the vehicle is discovered to be not to the standard of a  Quarantine Inspection you will have to pay a minimum Quarantine cleaning fee of approx $125.

Once your vehicle has been cleansed it will be then required to make an extra inspection and may incur more charges.

For more information on State Requirements on Quarantine for cars traveling to Western Australia, please follow the links below

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