All Bookings are also subject to Moving Cars Terms


Please complete this declaration and leave in glovebox if travelling to WA

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Carrier Tracking

Please call the carrier on on 1300 362 085 and advise your carrier reference and they will be able to track your vehicle

If you are dropping your vehicle to either Darwin or Alice Springs depot please ready this form

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THE CARRIER the health and safety of our employees, customers and their families are our highest priority.

We are operating as usual however the way we do business will change to accommodate the current Coronavirus pandemic.


We have asked our staff to avoid shaking hands with other people and to follow social distancing practices. We are greeting customers with a smile.

Washing Hands / Sanitizing

Our staff have been directed to wash their hands before and after working on each vehicle.

Gloves will also be worn in vehicle hand over to customers and whilst our employees drive customers vehicles.

Office Cleaning

We are working with our cleaners and staff to ensure a high level of cleaning is carried out in our offices.


We are in constant communication with our staff regarding the best hygiene practices to ensure we are doing everything possible to reduce any risk to our community.

Vehicle Pick Up / Drop Off

We are still accepting/ delivering vehicles at SMB as usual.


If your car is being collected from an address, the carrier will call your nominated number the afternoon prior or the morning of uplift to arrange a time for collection.
If you are taking your vehicle into a depot, then this can be done at any time between the hours listed above.

If your vehicle is being delivered to an address, your nominated number will be called to arrange a delivery time.
If the destination of your vehicle is a depot, then as soon as your vehicle arrives at the depot and is ready for collection, your nominated telephone number will be called to advise.


Best way to ensure a safe and easy way to move your car with items

  • Nothing can ever be on the front seat or behind the drivers seat.
  • Total goods can not exceed 80kg
  • No legal or other type of responsibility will be taken on any personal items or goods left in car, regardless of the type of transport booked.
  • No responsibility will be taken or investigated to any damage caused to internals of your vehicle if you leave goods inside the car.

Try to pack everything into boxes or suitcases whenever possible, we recommend removalist boxes or any boxes purchased from a self storage company, as these are very sturdy


This may seem reasonably obvious but you would be surprised what some customers leave in their vehicles.

We will not carry or otherwise handle Dangerous Items, including, but not limited to, dangerous goods, weapons, firearms, ammunition, petrol and fuel, LPG/propane cylinders, or any other item that we reasonably believe to be dangerous in nature.

Transporting a car with perishable goods

Another no no, if there is any chance that transport is delayed you can guarantee it will be in a vehicle that someone in their wisdom has decided to leave last weeks groceries in the boot, so please no perishables

Moving Pot Plants and any type of live item

Again we hope that this is reasonably obvious, there are some quarantine restriction on moving plants any, and again they will perish stuck in a locked car that is being transported across country, so no Gladioli or any other type of plants please.

A bit of common sense and courtesy

No rubbish. We realise that often people moving a car interstate are also moving home themselves and everything is one mad rush, but take 10 min to clean out any rubbish or loose items floating around the cars, this is more to ensure something does not smell even worse at delivery than it did at collection, but also means that nothing of importance is adrift in the car.


Tips When Transporting A Vehicle

Car Keys And Spare Keys

Ensure you have all keys prepared to hand over – we need access to all doors and drawers if any, and the boot for per-transport assessment. However, only supply one version of each key, keep all spares with you.

Check For Oil Leaks

Check your car for any oil leaks. Check oil check your engine and so on, really give it a go over maintenance check to make sure there are no underlying issues that are not going to cause any transport issue.

Remove Toll Tags

Removal of all toll tags is also a good idea.

If the E-Tag attached to the vehicle, you may be charged fees while the truck goes through tolls.

Be Prepared

Always fold back your mirrors and pull the antenna down. Please remove Items like fog lights, roof racks or any special attachments. Issues can arise with these being over height, in turn, costing you more at the time of collection.

Remove Any Car Covers

Detach any car covers that are on your car; the car covers can not be on your vehicle, This can be a missile while travelling on the trucks.

Special Notes Truck Driver

If you can, make any special notes for the driver if needed. For example, if the clutch is different, the car is started a different way, these things make the transportation more straightforward and faster at the time of collection. Leave a note in the car if you have to with any special instructions.

Dangerous Goods

Never under any circumstance can you have any firearms, flammable materials, gases or liquids. Carriers will inspect your car and if these rules have not adhered too, may be rejected.