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Please note Whilst All Areas of Australia are Serviced, there will be delays due to COVID19

Interstate Car Transport

At Moving Cars we like to provide instant car transport quotes to and from as many towns and cities in Australia as possible.

This option, however, is not always possible, so we have a team of staff sat poised with their abacuses ready to work out your quote if our system does not do it automatically.

What does this mean for you?

Our solution means that during regular working hours, you will never have to wait more than an hour for a quote, often much less.

Bear in mind that our instant pricing typically covers about 90% of our enquiries, so on weekends and evenings and pretty much any other time of the day, most transport quotes will be back to you straight away.

Bought A Car Interstate and Need To Get It Home

A large percentage of our customers have bought cars interstate, or form somewhere that is not local to their home town.

We have been moving cars for over 20 years, and we were approached by E bay many years ago to be a supplier, back in 2004. Suffice to say we know a little bit about transporting vehicles that have been bought online or perhaps through auction sites.

If you are unsure of the best way to organise this type of move, please do contact our service department with any questions you may have

Safe and Sound

Our service is Australia wide, and your car will be transported safely and securely by a recognised car carrier.

Multiple Depots

There are depots or agents in most major cities throughout Australia connected via a computerised vehicle tracking system.

Depot to depot or door to door, we like to give you choices, in most circumstances depot options are cheaper and quicker

Moving Cars long distance + interstate

 We move all sorts of cars for many types of customers; some are for people that have moved or are moving interstate, some are for car hire companies that need to relocate vehicles to different parts of the country.

We transport cars for the Government and several local authorities, including the Health Department, and other major bodies

Mining companies are a major customer, as they are often asking us to move cars across the country for their employees.

Car Transport Services

To accompany our standard vehicle transport services, we also can assist with the following

Non Drivable Vehicles

Transporting Vehicles With Items Inside

Transporting other types of vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats etc,

When looking at Interstate Car Transport compare all your options, and make sure you get the best value for money service that is available. Moving Cars believes that we offer that service in bucket-loads, give us a try and let's make this the more natural part of transporting your car.

How do you ensure you are getting the best price?

We compare car quote prices from multiple carriers to ensure that our prices are always the best available, however, if by any slight chance you find a better price with a comparable service we are happy to try and match/ beat that price.

Moving Cars has been involved in car carrying and vehicle transport for over 16 years, and we have the experience to help you with any of your requirements.

We specialise in long-distance car transport, for example, let us say you bought a car in Bowen in Queensland and want it transported to Brisbane, then we would be the company to call.

If however you broke down on the way home last night, and need the car towed back to your home, then you need a towing company, as opposed to a car transport company.

I hope that makes it a little clearer if you work on the principle that you need your car moved over a greater distance than say 200km then call Moving Cars.

Call To Meet Car Transport

Call To Meet Car Transport  means to ensure that you get the cheapest car transport quote available; sometimes, the carrier will ask that you bring your car to a pre-arranged spot to meet the truck.

You are saving the driver and company time and money, by not having to drive into suburban streets or more remote areas.

For instance, if you lived in Grafton and were looking at moving your car to Perth, a truck that was on its way to Sydney would call you and get you to meet at a servo on the highway.

This saves him coming into the central area of town, and having to avoid low bridges, or road that large trucks are forbidden to travel. We keep the price a little more economical for you and makes it easier for the car transport truck

Customer Reviews

Follow up was great!

The quoting system had to be the easiest to use, they follow up with an email to see if you need any more help, so with this, I booked with them.

Thanks Hank

non running car transport

My car was non drivable, however this could be moved with them.

A few simple questions and they had a quote back within an hour.

I then Booked over the phone , the car was collected within the specified 48hrs as per their website, Will be a return customer.

Service Was On Time

My booking came back fast, the car carrier showed up as requested.

I had no problems with booking over the phone.

Great service again,

Thanks for Helping.

Fast and a safe Experience

I had a pleasant experience with this these guys. I will surely use them again, as I found the service to be courteous and efficient. Thank you.

Repeat Customer Satisfied

Will move my car with them again when I have to go back to Sydney with my car.

I found the website easy to us and fast turnaround with any emails with the staff,

My car arrived on time and just want to thank them.

Thanks for great assistance

Staff were great to deal with, had a large older model car, but they could quote this for me and I moved the car to Darwin, good thing with them is that they also give you a track and trace. So you can see where your car is at all times.

Collected from the Auctions


No fuss in getting my booking done with this company, car was collected from the Auctions and arrived in Melbourne with no hassles. Thank you for the great service I received.



No Complaints From Me

I was impressed by the service and would highly recommend this company to move my car again, No complaints from me. Cant fault the service.




Moving Cars provides interstate, intrastate and long-distance car transport

We can transport any make or model vehicle anywhere in Australia

Utilising the expertise of our carriers, and due to the highly discounted rates we have been given, has enabled us to provide an online solution to any person or company in Australia looking to transport a car or other vehicle.

This website is the culmination of many years of development and to make planning and organising vehicle transport as comfortable as possible.

The popularity of our car transport section has grown over the years, with more and more people buying cars and other vehicles from Interstate either via eBay or other online auction sites.

Also, we have realised that in this current day, customers require instant prices, as this often reflects their buying decision.

While instant pricing is not available for transport involving remote or non-metropolitan areas, we will have all quotes replied to within a few hours during operating times

While you cannot book your transport at this price, it should prove to be an excellent resource for customers requiring an idea of transportation costs

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions. Getting it safely across the country is sure to be a big deal for you.

At, you don't need to worry so much about getting your vehicle from one place to another.

We offer a nationwide service, so you know they're willing to move your car anywhere in all of Australia, and the best part is, it'll be hassle-free.

With depots in most of the larger cities and towns located all around Australia, they can provide you with a service that's both incredibly affordable and effective.

With options for Smart and even Mobile quoting, you can get an estimate quickly and conveniently, and you'll be guaranteed to get your money worth.

Transport is easy to arrange in as little as twenty-four hours in advance, and door collection in as small a window as forty-eight!

With how simple and easy it is to handle moving your car through Moving Cars, you can worry about other pressing issues involving your big jump in location.

As tough as it is to move in today's economy, won't you be glad to have one thing less to worry about or concern yourself?