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How To Move Non Runners and Salvage Vehicles

Just because your car is immobile does not mean it cannot be moved. In fact, one of the greatest ironies is that you will need a car transport service to move your car when it won’t run. There are many questions asked about transporting non-running or non-drivable vehicles and we are here to answer them for you.
Often people purchase old vehicles and vehicles from restoration interstate and need to get them moved to another location. Other times, the non-running car might need to be transported to a specific garage for repairs or you need transport from an auction.

If you have a car that won’t move and it’s taking up your space, Moving Cars can help. We specialize in shipping non-drivable cars and non-running cars in Australia to your desired destination.
Shipping a vehicle that won’t run can be challenging because it involves different procedures, years of training, and equipment. Some won’t roll due to the damaged wheels while others won’t start due to collision damage. You must find a professional transport company because such cars are delicate and should be handled carefully. With over 16 years of experience in logistics and transport, we provide the best transportation assistance nationwide.

What Is The Cheapest Transport Service?

Non drivable car transporting We are the number one and cheapest car Transport Company in Australia. We operate in major areas such as Queensland, Tasmania, Perth, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Canberra, and North Territory. We have a team of professionals that we can dispatch to offer services to any type of damaged vehicle. To top it all up, we have the best customer service in the interstate. By choosing Moving Cars, your car is safe from wear and tear and other causes of further damage.
Not many companies around Australia have the required skills to handle this kind of transportation. We are the best because we have the necessary resources to transport non-drivable or non-running vehicles. Our specialty is long-distance car transport. Some of the transport services we offer include:

Boat transport, which includes any size and model
Caravan transport
Motorhome or RVs transport
Trailer transport
Truck or large vehicle transport
Non-drivable car transport

We have what it takes and that is why our clients rely on us to safely transport their vehicles across cities

Benefits of Working with Moving Cars


It takes courage and trust to hand over your property to someone you don’t know. However, at Moving Cars, we make it much easier. Our reliable assistance gives you peace of mind knowing that your non-drivable vehicle is in safe hands. Our professional handlers will treat your non-running car like it was their own.


At Moving cars, we deliver door-to-door transport for both drivable vehicles and non-drivable vehicles. Our drivers are flexible to come to your place and to pick up or deliver the vehicle. This method is more convenient unlike the terminal to a terminal method.

Fast and Efficient Service

We guarantee an interstate Fast and Efficient Delivery Service because many of our clients rely on scheduled delivery dates. It is more of a rush rescue. This may come in handy for businesses or those individuals who need their vehicles within a short period. By reaching out to us for rescue services, you can count on us for timely deliveries and efficiency.

Interstate Car Transport Quotes

We provide instant car transport quotes for interstate vehicle transport. Our experts are positioned with their abacuses ready to work out various quotes when our system does not handle it automatically. You never have to wait for more than an hour for a quote.
If you need a car transport or shipping service in Australia, for both non-drivable cars and non-running vehicles, Moving Cars can assist you with all your needs. Our logistics team is capable of transporting your car anywhere in Australia without any additional damage. Our team of professionals is on standby and ready to answer all the burning questions you might have.