Transport non drivable cars

How To Move Non-Runners and Salvage Vehicles

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Just because your car is immobile does not mean it cannot be moved

One of the greatest ironies is that you will need a car transport service to move your car when it doesn't run. Many questions about transporting non-running or non-drivable vehicles are asked, and we are here to answer them.
Often, people purchase old vehicles and vehicles from restoration interstate and need to move them to another location. Other times, the non-running car might need to be transported to a specific garage for repairs, or you need transport from an auction.

If you have a car that won't move and it's taking up your space, Moving Cars can help. We specialize in shipping non-drivable and non-running cars in Australia to your desired destination.

Shipping a vehicle that won't run can be challenging because it involves different procedures, years of training, and equipment. Some won't roll due to the damaged wheels, while others won't start due to collision damage. You must find a professional transport company because such cars are delicate and should be handled carefully. With over 16 years of experience in logistics and transport, we provide the best transportation assistance nationwide.

The Wheels Keep on Turning, or not…..

If you want door-to-door salvage car transportation, we at Moving Cars are the go-to salvaged car transport company with over 20 years of experience in the moving and shipping of vehicles to wherever you may want to go, whether it's interstate or close to home, or further afield to a different part of the country – maybe even abroad.

Perhaps you've bought a salvage car online or through an auction site? If so, we can move your vehicle to wherever you are – no stress, no fuss – regardless of the state of the car you've purchased. Our highly qualified logistics service team specializes in vehicle transportation, and moving vehicles is our passion. We are a leading provider of local and interstate salvage vehicle transport to anywhere in Australia.

So, with our first-class equipment and a first-class knowledge of transport solutions, we can offer you value-for-money transportation. We are happy to take on the salvage vehicle removals that most other auto transport companies don't want to touch.




Transportation Of Damaged Vehicles

Moving a salvaged car can be a tricky business – it's not the same as Interstate Car Transport for a standard vehicle, a new or functional car, as salvage vehicles are often severely damaged with parts missing, making them hard to maneuver onto transporters.

Salvaged vehicles can be challenging to transport, especially if the vehicle's condition is particularly poor, perhaps even nonfunctional, so at Moving Cars, we take extra safety precautions and sometimes even use expensive specialized equipment to transport your salvaged vehicle.

We know that what might look like a car wreck to some people could become the car of your dreams, so we make every effort to respect the lack of vehicle functionality so that no further damage to the salvaged car occurs.  We can provide the proper loading and unloading equipment to ensure no further damage is done to the salvaged vehicle, giving you peace of mind for your brand-new old car.

Shipping A Salvage Vehicle

So, if shipping is involved, a salvaged vehicle will usually require special equipment – as many salvaged cars roll and steer, and therefore might require winches or cables when being pulled onto a carrier, and special forklifts are often used to ensure further damage isn’t done when loading and unloading.  Most car carriers won’t let you drag a salvage car off a trailer in case it causes damage to their own vehicle – our specialist equipment will ensure this won’t happen.


If you bought your salvage car out of state because the price tag was lower, you certainly don’t want to spend too much more transporting it to where you live.  You’ll need a transport company that knows not only the salvage car business well but also the vehicle shipping or transportation business exceptionally well too.

You’ll want a company that knows how to deal with Salvage Auctions and what documents are needed.

Moving a non drivable vehicle.

Damaged vehicles are often undriveable, these types of non running cars are unsafe to drive.

With Moving Cars Interstate Car Transport can have your damaged  or non drivable car delivered long distances that are too far for a tow-truck.


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