Enclosed Car Transport

We have found that due to the much higher than expected costs of Enclosed Vehicle Transport, we ask that customers obtain a standard quote 1st and once received, if they wish to upgrade to fully enclosed service, they reply to our quote and request upgrade rates.

More often than not, it is fully enclosed only on linehaul or long-distance, meaning that if you live in the suburbs of Sydney, a standard non-enclosed truck will collect your vehicle. Still, once it starts to move across the country, the service is enclosed.

Often between the East Coast of Australia and the West Coast of Australia, we provide an option fully enclosed from Port to Port as the central part of the journey is completed by ship, so no more dust and debris anywhere near your car.


When moving cars or just about any vehicle in Australia, selecting a car transport service that offers maximum protection and specialized service without breaking the bank is essential. It is no secret that the market is filled with enclosed car transport options, and customers have many choices. However, the availability of too many choices often leads to confusion.

Moving Cars – Extensive & Advanced Fleet of Enclosed Car Carriers


Moving Cars offers covered car transport services that align with modern consumers' demands. How? Our transparent, customer-centric approach allows us to prioritize the safety of vehicles during inter-city or interstate enclosed car transport.

We have a fleet of unique and specialized enclosed car carriers that are fully customized and purpose-designed with supporting hydraulics, ensuring no wear and tear during loading, unloading, and transporting to just about any location in Australia. No matter the make and model of your car, rest assured we can deliver it timely, safely and economically to and from any part of Australia.

Moving Cars – Australia's Trusted Commercial and Personal Enclosed Car Transport Specialist

Over the years, MovingCars has established itself as one of the leading enclosed vehicle transport companies by offering fast, enclosed, and excellent car transport solutions across Australia's length and breadth without burning a hole in customers' pockets.

Whether looking for a vintage car transporter or a classic car transport service, vehicle transport is tricky. Starting from safety to timeline and from transparency to affordability, there are many things you need to consider when hiring an enclosed car carrier. And it is where MovingCars steals the show. How?

Our comprehensive range of services includes –

  • Luxury car transport Services
  • Prestige car transport Services
  • Vintage car transport Services
  • Classic car transport Services
  • Sports vehicles transport Services
  • Prototype car transport Services
  • Racing Vehicles Transport Services
  • Sedan Vehicles Transport Services
  • Truck Transport

Along with cars, we can also transport other kinds of small and large vehicles, including –

No matter where you want your vehicle to be transported in Australia, trust MovingCars to deliver enclosed car transport services you can count on with a qualified driver in charge. 

Our fleet of enclosed car carriers across major cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, etc., allows us to offer reliable, secure, and economical services backed by customer service that's unmatched in Australia's car transport industry.

Is Open Car Transport Safe?

Well, the answer is yes and no. It primarily depends on what kind of vehicle you're looking to transport, your budget, and your priorities. Whether interstate car transport or inter-city, booking a reliable enclosed transport company is a must because it can become a logistical nightmare if you hand over your vehicle to a company that's irresponsive, doesn't have the skills or the resources to handle car transport in Australia securely, or cannot offer timely service.

While, for the most part, open car transport is safe and used widely, it doesn't offer complete protection against natural wear and tear for apparent reasons. It exposes the vehicle to the natural environment and elements, including possible harsh weather conditions during transportation. Your prized possession may arrive covered with a layer of dust and stretched by debris on the way, which is something car owners wouldn't prefer.

Why Choose Us?

MovingCars believes in offering premium interstate car transport service that is reliable, secure, transparent, and economical. We have invested in technology to ensure our fleet of fully enclosed car carriers is one step ahead of the industry. 

It has helped us offer highly reliable and timely solutions our customers can count on for professional, efficient, and value-oriented vehicle transport across Australia, regardless of destination. Offering uncompromising and excellent service for over two decades has helped us become a leading provider of vehicle transport services in the country. Our company provides compliant services and has the necessary legal clearance for enclosed vehicle transport services across Australia.

Fully Customized and Purpose-Designed Enclosed Car Carriers

The fleet of covered car transporters is driven by professional, licensed, and insured drivers who care for your vehicle like their own. These covered car carriers are equipped with specialized hydraulics that ensure minimal manual handling and maximum security for the customers' cars, especially while moving. 

Whether it is a vintage car, prestige car, classic car, luxury car, or just about any vehicle, rest assured. MovingCars can offer covered car transport in a safe and timely manner.

Comprehensive Protection

With MovingCars, your vehicle is safe and well-protected from any harm on the way, and it even keeps your vehicle away from the snooping paparazzi if that worries you. Our well-equipped and fully enclosed car carriers use advanced technology and systems to protect your vehicle from dust, debris, and environmental elements. It also helps protect from jerks and sudden shocks while driving through rough terrains. 

Our streamlined vehicle transportation process, developed through years of experience, enables us to deliver service you can count on without thinking twice. If you're looking for vehicle transport anywhere across Australia, there isn't a safer enclosed car carrier service.

Liftgates Mechanism For Safe Loading & Unloading

During loading, your vehicle must remain horizontal to avoid damage, dents or scratches. That is why at MovingCars, we have advanced hydraulic liftgates for loading and unloading the car stably and securely. It ensures that your vehicle is well-protected throughout the sensitive loading and unloading process, reducing the risk of damage during vehicle transport services in Australia. Our driver ensures your prized possession is handled carefully from starting point to delivery.

Unmatched Security

At MovingCars, we understand that your car is one of your most valued possessions, whether monetary value or sentiments. It is why we have elements of security embedded in every aspect of our intercity and interstate enclosed vehicle transport services. It includes –

  • GPS tracking of all vehicles for updates during the entire duration of enclosed car transport. You can check the status updates of your vehicle till your car is safely delivered to your doorstep or given delivery point.
  • Round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance of storage facilities.
  • Our polite staff at all levels are background checked, fully trained, and through police verification before being hired for our enclosed car transport business.
  • Drivers of our enclosed car carriers are professionally trained, qualified, licensed, and insured. They know routes across Australia, whether you're looking for vehicle transport services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, Canberra, or anywhere else.
Free Instant Car Transport Quotes

We understand that time is of the essence when you've decided to transport your car, whether it is your new prestige car, classic car, luxury car, or just any model or make of car. At Moving Cars, we offer free instant car transport quotes online for vehicle transportation to and from most major cities in Australia. 

Even if you can't get instant quotes for any particular destinations online on our website, rest assured our professional and friendly team will get back to you within an hour to provide you with the best and free custom quote that's competitive and economical.

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With over 20 years of experience in moving cars across Australia, you can trust MovingCars to deliver the best professional, safe, secure, and economically covered vehicle transport services. Our exhaustive range of services backed by experience, expertise, and credibility in the enclosed car transport business makes us the country's best and most preferred enclosed car transporter. 

Whether you're looking for a vintage car transporter or a classic car transport service, we're the leading enclosed car carriers you can trust with your eyes closed. Most of all, our covered car transport cost won't break your bank without compromising on any aspect of automobile transport service. It makes us the best in the business, and we take pride in being the country's most trusted enclosed vehicle transport service provider.

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