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Wondering how to move your caravan interstate or long-distance?

We understand that your caravan might be one of your most prized possessions, and yet, moving it is no easy feat. However, there are limited long-distance and interstate caravan transport services you can rely on in Australia. Furthermore, moving a caravan yourself can be fuel and time-consuming.


As a caravan transport service, we are here for your long-distance and interstate caravan transport needs. We take the load off your back by helping you move your caravan both interstate and over long distances. We offer efficient and affordable transport for caravans and cater to our customers according to their needs. As a result, we have been serving the Australian people for many years, and we hope to continue. Therefore, you do not need to worry about moving your van around Australia hassle-free.


About Us


Moving Cars is a transport service that provides intrastate, long-distance, and interstate caravan transport services in Australia. We have expert drivers who help us serve our client base, and our highly discounted rates have helped us provide solutions to caravan owners looking to transport their vehicles from one place to the other. With more people buying and transporting caravans over the years, we have developed our services to suit the needs and desires of our clients.


Apart from caravans, we move/transport other vehicle types. If you have a camper, van, or trailer that you want to move from or to cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, QLD, OR NSW, we are here for you. You shall have your van, trailers, or car delivered through our more than capable service.


As a company, we strive to make planning and organizing caravan transport interstate a seamless experience Australia-wide. As a result, we are constantly developing and updating our website, and you can expect only the best quotes when working with us.

Caravan transport interstate cost

There are several factors to consider when looking at caravan delivery costs.

  • Distance to be travelled
  • Size of caravan
  • The urgency of caravan freight
  • Condition of Caravan


Our drivers and entire service team have the necessary knowledge and experience to transport caravans throughout Australia.


Our caravan cartage service is a long-distance service normally for transport in excess of 150km

Therefore, if your trailer, van, camper, or car breaks down, you will need a reliable towing service to help you.


Safe Long-Distance and Interstate Caravan Transport


We provide instant free caravan transport interstate and long-distance quotes to our potential customers to help them decide where they want us to transport their caravan from one place to another in Australia. We go to every destination in Australia, and we aim to make your work transporting your caravan with us as easy as possible. Therefore, if we cannot give an instant quote, we take at most one hour to get back to our clients. You can feel confident reaching out to us on a business day, and we will help you get a quote and transport your caravan according to your timeline.


Why Work with Moving Cars Australia?


Experience and Professional Service


Moving Cars has been working in Australia as a family-owned business for over two decades. We have the interests of our clients at heart and strive to provide a quality interstate and long-distance caravan transport experience to our customers. We serve a wide clientele, including high-profile caravan manufacturers and local and government authorities, and we can only get better. We have professional drivers who understand the rules and regulations of interstate and long-distance caravan transportation.


Multiple Depots and Door-to-Door Delivery


We have multiple agents in Australia's major cities, and we are connected through our computerized vehicle tracking system. Therefore, our clients can pick up their caravans at the depot or order for door-to-door delivery. In most cases, clients prefer depot options as this is cheaper and better.


No matter where you are or where you need to take your caravan in Australia, we are here to help you. Reach out to us whenever you need us, and we shall be there to help you.


Knowledgeable Customer Service Team


As a company that has been moving cars and caravans for over two decades, we understand our clients' needs. However, more times than not, some of our clients are confused about the procedure and requirements. We have a reliable and knowledgeable customer care team that will help you not fully understand what you need when transporting a caravan. Our team will answer all your questions about organizing interstate movement and stay in touch whenever you need to make inquiries. Call us today and taste the Moving Cars difference.


Call Us Today


If you are looking to transport your caravan Australia-wide, we are here for you.

We are the caravan movers Australia service you deserver. We provide you with instant smart and mobile transport quotes for most of Australia's cities and towns and arrange transport in just a day. Whether you want to collect your van at the depot or you prefer door-to-door service, we are the right professionals, and you should call us when moving caravans. We shall drop your vehicle or caravan at your preferred destination, whether Melbourne, QLD, or NSW, with ease.


Let our company worry about your caravan transport, and you can make the best of your day knowing that your caravan will be delivered safely to the desired location. We are the right company to contact whether you need door-to-door transport to collect your car from the depot. Email or call us today and see the huge difference working with us makes.