Questions On Car Transport

General Questions

Do we need to Remove external accessories when transporting cars

Please check with the office when you make a booking as this can be assessed on a per case basis and the overall height of the vehicle.

Can you collect a non-attended vehicle?

The keys have to be handed over and a condition report will need to be signed by the person on the booking request.
A person must sign at pick up and at delivery.
This can be anyone you nominate

Can we Leave baby seats in the car being transported?

Yes. The car seat can stay as long as they are fitted, and not loose. These are not classed as goods in the car.

Do vehicles go through quarantine when moving cars interstate?

Yes, your vehicle is subject to a quarantine inspection and is subject to additional charges that may occur to customers.
These rules apply to all vehicles that travel into Western Australia and Tasmania.
This may incur a surcharge of approx $110.00 to $300.00. It pays to ensure the vehicle is as clean as possible prior to transport.

What is standard Ground Clearance for Vehicles Being Transported?

If your vehicle is going to be transported then it must have a minimum ground clearance of 15cm.
If for some reason your vehicle is lower than the 15cm ground clearance required then please contact our team and one of our staff will be able to assist you with a separate price for this.

Should we Disable Car Alarms When Moving Your Car?

All non-standard alarms and immobilizers need to be disabled prior to taking the car into the depot or having it collected.

How To book Transport

You can either follow the link in your quote or via the booking page on our website

Questions on Timings

Can I request a time to have my vehicle collected/delivered?

It is not possible to request a pickup and drop off time. The pickup/delivery will normally take place between working hours Mon – Fri. You will receive a phone call the afternoon before or the morning of pickup/delivery and be advised of a time.
The afternoon before or the morning of collecting the vehicle the carrier will contact the necessary person to advise them a window period of time of when they will be collecting the vehicle.
They will do the same at the delivery end also.

How Much Notice Do You Need?

Normally 2 working days notice is fine, but rural areas are normally a bit longer
Depending on where you are going from, if it is within a Metro area of a major city then a booking request can be made and payment can be received at the latest 48 business hours prior to the vehicle being collected.
If for example, you are requesting a collection from a rural area then we need to receive a booking request and payment at the latest 3 business days prior to the vehicle being collected.

How do you Calculate Transit Times?

Transit times are in working days, ie Monday to Friday
Transit times are an estimate only
These are estimates only and are based on business days.
Weather and other circumstances may arise beyond our control which can sometimes cause delays.

How long are quotes valid for?

In general terms, our prices really only change as the price of fuel changes, and these changes tend to happen at the end of each month. So normally any quote you obtain will be valid for the whole of the calendar month, however as from time to time we have a few special prices that may only be valid for a few days or weeks, we cannot guarantee that all prices are valid for any more than a few days. If in doubt please just reply to your quote and ask if it’s still valid or give us a call to discuss

Are depots open on weekend?

Sorry Monday to Friday only

Do you pick up on Weekends?

Business Days Only

What Are The Transport Depots Opening Times

The Depots are not open on Weekends or most national public holidays the depot hours are Monday – Friday exact opening hours are confirmed at time of booking
If you are dropping your vehicle into the depot then payment needs to be received and shown on our systems 24 hours prior to you dropping the vehicle at the depot.

Questions On Payments

Can I pay the driver when he collects the car?

Drivers cannot accept payment; all transport needs to be prepaid.
Payment can be made either via Direct Transfer to our Bank Account or by credit card
Paying For Transport Cars
Please note 2% surcharge is currently in place for payments by Master Card Visa, and American Express.
There is no surcharge for direct deposit.
Bank deposits now almost always appear in our account within an hour or so, so it’s the best way to pay
Payment cannot be made at any of the depots.

Can We Pay Cash On Delivery

Sorry No. All movements of cars and other vehicles must be prepaid

How To Change Booking After Payment Received

Yes. You can change your booking.
However, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee if there are excessive changes.
Also, once a car has been booked and confirmed and you decide to amend it, we charge a small admin fee.
At times, the carrier charges fees for changing bookings whilst in transit.
Fees occur if, for example, you booked depot to depot and now want us to collect the car.

How To Cancel Car Transport

If a booking request has been made and payment received, we can withhold a cancellation fee between $80-$250.00, depending on the circumstances.
If the carrier has already collected your car, the additional cost will be taken from the payment.

Can You Handle / Exchange Money on my behalf for a car purchase

At present, this is not a service we can offer

I will require a tax invoice.

There is a section to complete on all bookings if you wish to receive a Tax Invoice.
When booking,, make sure you complete all relevant areas, and a Tax Invoice will be issued on the booking confirmation.

Questions on Types of Vehicles

Can you assist with transporting oversized or overweight vehicles?

yes, we can move most types of vehicles now. For more information, please visit this page: Transport Types

Can You Transport Jet Skis and Trailers

yes we can move most types of vehicles now, for more information, please visit this page: Transport Types

Can you transport horse floats

yes we can move most types of vehicles now, for more information, please visit this page: Transport Types

Transport a non-running vehicle

Sure can. For more information, please visit this page Transport Types

Can you transport Camper Trailers

Sure can; for more information, please visit this page: Transport Types

Can You Transport the Boat on a trailer

Sure can. For more information, please visit this page Transport Types

Does my vehicle need to be registered?

No, as long as the vehicle can be driven onto the truck, we can assist with transport.
However, please note that at the time of booking, you must provide either the last six digits of the VIN.
If the vehicle still has plates, then the number on the plates is for ID purposes only.

Can You move vehicles with Goods inside?

We have two options for most car quotes; 1st price is for empty vehicles, 2nd is for a price that allows you to leave goods in your car.
However, if you book an empty vehicle, then the following conditions apply
Spare tyre, jack and normal tools associated with the vehicle
Baby Seats and Booster Seats