Classic And Vintage Car Transport Service

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When shipping a vintage car, many things come to mind. First, you don't want to stretch the car's mileage and want it to remain pristine. It may be that heirloom StingRay or just one of your many collections of vintage cars.

You may often face the need for transportation- when buying/selling, moving to a new state, etc. To ensure this process is as smooth as possible, you need a trustworthy car transport service in Australia, and that's where we come in! 


Moving Cars is your established interstate car transport service with many locations across Australia. We have worked with renowned firms, collectors, and car enthusiasts for decades, and we always ensure each car reaches its destination safely.

Our company has dealt with various classic cars, and we know exactly what to do with them from the moment you ask for a quote. The team at Moving Cars is top-qualified, and you'll see them in vintage car auctions, garage sales, and any car-related activity ready to take on the next assignment. 


Prepare Your Vintage Car For Transport


While we promise to take care of everything once you choose to work with us, you must prepare your car before handing it over to us. We understand the care needed for vintage vehicles, so we are keen to ensure it is safely transported to their intended destination. So, to get your car ready for interstate vehicle transport, follow these simple steps: 


    • Wash your classic car squeaky clean if you have the time. Otherwise, we can also do it for you upon request. 


    • Photograph the car for your record. 


    • Remove all personal items from the vintage vehicle, except for safety items like spare tires, kit, and other hand tools.


    • Ensure the car is lockable and the parking brake is engaged. 


    • Do general maintenance if the vehicle requires to be moved.



As you can see, it is easy to prep your car for transport in Australia. 

Shipping Options For Classic Car Transportation

Once you choose our transport services, we'll give you a few transport options. You can choose open or closed carrier transport, depot-to-depot, or door-to-door delivery. Due to the sophistication and value of classic cars, most clients prefer enclosed carrier transport services. An enclosed carrier will ensure your classic car is safe, discrete, and, most of all, free from external factors that might damage its appearance. If you choose an open carrier, we will ensure your vehicle is safe and protect it from external elements with our top-load-only service. 

At Moving Cars, we offer expedited shipping and premium car carrier transport services for classic cars.

Expedited shipping is your best bet if you want the classic car delivered fast. 

Why Do You Need Classic Car Transport Services?


    • We protect your vehicle from external elements. We understand how deeply you value that vintage car, and we will ensure it arrives in pristine condition. We will use special tools to keep the vehicle from getting affected by extreme weather. 


    • It was shipped with utmost care. Our transport services are diverse as we have shipped all types of vehicles, including classic, vintage, or even luxury cars. We will even provide a tracking number to check your vehicle as it moves. 


    •  Apart from tracking, we also allow you to contact your carrier so that it is easy to get updates and other information relating to your classic car transport. 


    • Interstate compliant. We abide by all departments responsible for vintage and classic car transport services in Australia, and we are a fully vetted company. We have also worked with top traditional car companies and built a massive network in Australia and overseas. 



How Long Does It Take To Ship My Vintage Car?

Vintage cars or any car older than 25 years will take roughly 7-14 days from when we pick your car for delivery up to when we deliver to the desired location. Depending on your state, You can collect your vehicle 1 - 3 days after placing the order. We understand the need to get your vintage car as soon as possible, but sometimes, our drivers work long shifts and juggle different time zones, which may not promise exact delivery dates for each client. 


However, if you need the vehicle in the stipulated time, premium service is often available. We help collectors get cars to auctions on time, and at times, we advise customers on which shipping option to take, depending on the urgency rate.

General shipping services usually have flexible dates with +/- 1 or 2 days on the stipulated delivery date.


Your Top Interstate Car Transport Service In Australia

If you have a classic or vintage car and need to get it to another location, our agents at Moving Cars will be ready to make arrangements. Just give us a call today, and we will help you out!