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Transporting Vehicles to and From Canberra, Australia

Want to move your car interstate in Canberra? We at Moving Cars can make your transportation across this great state easy.

You might want to get your car moved in or out of Canberra for many reasons.

Perhaps you have just purchased a new vehicle, sold a car online, possibly relocating for work reasons, or have a vintage car that you are taking to a car show or rally…. 

Whatever your reasons for moving your vehicle across Canberra, you want to know it is in safe hands. 

So, regardless of whether you want a car moved door-to-door, a vehicle processed, or a fleet of cars moved from depot to depot, we can help make the journey plain sailing, as we are an experienced, professional team who know how to get from A to B in Canberra, delivering superior results every time.

Getting You on the Move

It usually takes a few days to transport your vehicle interstate. It depends on where we pick up and drop off within Canberra or beyond. We are a trusted partner in the automotive industry. Moving Cars is used for the car transport of thousands of cars each year, from brand-new arrivals into the country to care for the most personal car move.

We operate with only the most advanced equipment available and are renowned as a world-class vehicle transporter – don’t just take our word for it; check out our customers’ reviews on our website.

Keeping the Costs Realistic

Costs to move your vehicle across Canberra will inevitably depend on where you want to go, what make and model you want to be transported, and how quickly you need us to get you there!

 The cheapest car transport to and from Canberra is typically in an open-air carrier – because they can hold 9 to 10 cars on two different levels, with each vehicle safely secured to the carrier's base so that it doesn’t move around.  

These vehicle carriers are more readily available than enclosed ones, making them a more affordable option for most customers. Having your vehicle completely visible during the entire Canberra trip is also a considerable advantage in allowing the carrier driver to notice any problems immediately.

Daily services collecting and delivering cars and other vehicles to all Canberra suburbs.

Door collection is available all throughout the ACT, however, on some cheaper options the service is call to meet only

Getting Ready to organise transport to Canberra

It's a great idea to prep your car before it hits the transport carrier. We work with you by going over the specifics that you need to do before the pick-up, but these will include


  • Check your fuel gauge to ensure that it’s no more than one-quarter full.
  • Check your car’s battery to ensure that it is fully charged.
  • Emptying all the items from your vehicle - if you want to transport any property in your car, we need to know in advance for weight.
  • Removing important documents in the glove compartment and any GPS devices.
  • Check your car’s tires to ensure that they are inflated as well as in good condition.
  • Photograph any existing damage to your vehicle to avoid any confusion later.

If you want a first-class car moving service, give us a call and let Moving Cars keep your Canberra wheels turning…