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Daily services collecting and delivering cars and other vehicles to all Adelaide suburbs.

Regular statewide services, several time per week to all towns and cities within South Australia

Remote areas of South Australia at least once per week, some more remote areas are agent only or often a call to meet service

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Transporting Vehicles to and from Adelaide and South Australia

Suppose you want to transfer a vehicle to or from South Australia. In this case, you will need the help of a professional vehicle transport company that can provide you with excellent car transport services. 

We can move your car safely and quickly to all major cities and towns in South Australia, including Adelaide, Port Augusta and Victor Harbor.

Our Moving Cars car transport business is first class, and with over 20 years of our interstate transport services, your vehicle will be safely transported wherever you want nationwide throughout Australia.

Car Transport Adelaide

car transport truck in adelaideWhatever the reason you need your car transported, Moving Cars can provide you with a personal service that is second to none. Car dealerships and manufacturers also trust us to transport their brand-new cars. This is because of our auto transport experience, equipment, resources, and drivers who will transport your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our service is the go-to for transporting cars nationwide, as different states require different registrations. Moving Cars will also gladly transport your brand-new vehicle.

As an affordable car transport service, we offer several options, such as door-to-door transport, where you can decide where to pick up and drop off your car. Another cost-effective option is depot-to-depot pickups and deliveries. Wherever you need your vehicle transported, we can deliver.

Let our experienced staff move you.

We regularly service all major cities, so whether you need to transport a car from Adelaide to Victor Harbor, or pick up an entire fleet in Port Augusta to return to various locations, or buy a car interstate or intrastate and can't drive it home, we can handle it for you.

All we need is the height, length, condition and make/model of your vehicle, pickup and delivery location, the type of auto transport service, the travel distance and the shipping season.

The amount of your vehicle affects its status within its travel carrier. A car shipping agent must organise cars on a car carrier based on their size and, more importantly, their height. This also applies to the length of a vehicle. 

Typically, auto transport companies charge more for longer vehicles because fitting into a carrier is more challenging. If you're wondering why the condition of a car matters when it comes to auto transport, it's because an inoperable vehicle requires more work to load and unload. You can still transport a broken car; you'll have to pay more than average.

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The duration of the transport can vary depending on the distances across Australia, the specific transport sections and any special requirements you have. Sometimes, events beyond the control of the transport company can also affect delivery times.

Customer Service

So call our friendly customer service agents at Moving Cars. Customer satisfaction is our team's goal, so we keep it simple, but you still get excellent service. If this is your first time transporting a vehicle, we want you to feel comfortable choosing us, so our experienced office staff will walk you through the process and answer any questions.

Transporting a Car to South Australia: Key Considerations

1. Regulatory Requirements: South Australia has specific vehicle regulations and standards. If you're bringing a car from outside the state or overseas, ensuring that your vehicle complies with these standards is crucial. This might include emissions standards, safety features, and other vehicle specifications. Additionally, imported cars might be subject to customs duties, taxes, and quarantine inspections.

2. Quarantine Measures: like other parts of Australia, South Australia has strict biosecurity measures to protect its unique environment. Vehicles from specific regions, especially internationally, may need quarantine inspections to ensure they don't carry any potential biohazards. It's essential to clean your car thoroughly, removing any soil, plant material, or animal matter, to avoid possible complications or fines.

3. Insurance and Protection: When transporting a car, there's always a risk of damage, especially during long transits. It's advisable to get comprehensive insurance coverage for the transportation period. Ensure that the transport company you choose offers adequate protection and has a good track record of safely delivering vehicles.

4. Vehicle Registration: Once your car arrives in South Australia, you must register it with the local authorities. This process might require a vehicle inspection, payment of registration fees, and obtaining a South Australian driver's license. Familiarizing yourself with the registration process and gathering all necessary documentation in advance is essential.


Ask for a detailed breakdown of all costs, including transport fees, insurance, and additional charges. This will help avoid any unexpected expenses.

Inquire about the insurance coverage provided during transit. Ensure it covers potential damages or losses and ask for the insurance policy details.

Ask for an estimated delivery date and whether they offer guarantees or compensation for delays.

Understanding the timeline helps in planning and managing expectations.

Clarify whether the car will be transported in an open carrier, enclosed carrier, or other means. Each method has pros and cons, affecting the cost and protection level of the vehicle.

Ask about any specific requirements for preparing the car for transport, such as cleaning, removing personal items, or disabling alarms.

Inquire about restrictions on what can be left in the vehicle during transport, as some routes may prohibit personal items.

Inquire if the carriers offer tracking options or updates to monitor the vehicle's location and status during transit.