Call To Meet Transport Options

On some of our quotes we have prices that come up saying "driver will call you in advance and arrange meeting place"

To explain this a little better, we always try to offer the cheapest price immediately on any quote we send out, and sometimes this means that whilst we can offer a service that offers a collection or a delivery to / from a particular address, its often very much cheaper option for a driver that is coming through the town to call you and arrange to meet you at a pre-arranged point.

This normally only comes into play in country areas, or towns on a main highway, and sometimes in more rural areas

For example:

Carrier A will charge $800 to collect from your address and take it to your chosen destination.

Carrier B on the other hand will charge $650 but insists on making the pick up at a pre-arranged point.

On most quotes we can always provide a door collection for those customers who need it, so just reply to your quote and we can adjust for you.