Transit Warranty Goods Inside Car

 Transit Warranty when a car is being moved

You acknowledge that the carrier does not provide insurance in respect of the Goods and that

You are responsible for obtaining any insurance. You require relating to the Goods or any Motor Vehicle.


1.1 Subject to conditions 1.2 to 1.5 inclusive, Car Carrier warrants that the vehicle will be delivered to the delivery address in the same state in which it is picked up or accepted by them

1.2 Car Carrier will not be liable for damage unless the damage is noted and signed for on the delivery receipt copy of the contract and vehicle condition report.

1.3 Car Carrier warranty does not extend to pre-existing damage, hail damage, mechanical or electrical damage or derangement, loss or damage to personal property or effects from or within the vehicle, damage to the car due to movement of objects within the car, insect damage and bird droppings, or a force majeure event.

1.4 If Car Carrier breaches their warranty and pays you the substantiated purchase price or fair market value of the vehicle, whichever is the lesser, then we will own the damaged vehicle or the vehicle if it is later found.

1.5 Car Carrier warranty is for physical loss or damage only to the car. Car Carrier will not pay any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage including loss of profits, business or anticipated savings or other economic loss, even if Car Carrier knows they are possible or otherwise foreseeable.

1.6 Car Carrier reserves the right to appoint an independent Loss Adjuster to verify the extent of the loss.

To the extent permitted by law, where Car Carrier is Liable for a loss suffered by You,

Car Carrier’s Liability is limited to the cost of repairing the Goods or the payment of the market value of the Goods (whichever is the lesser amount).

Car Carrier shall be entitled to choose whether it will repair the Goods at repairers of its choice or pay the cost of the market value

Car Carrier also has the right to specify the use of New, Used or Non-Genuine Parts for the repairs.

Car Carrier may appoint a loss assessor of its own choice.

If you require transit insurance on your car, please reply to your quote, and we will send a new quote for transport with a carrier that supplies comprehensive coverage on transportation.

Goods In Car

These rules below apply to every car or vehicle transported with Moving Cars

There is an option for a more relaxed service, that allows less regulation on transporting a car with items inside, but this is often at a higher cost, if this is required, please obtain a standard quote 1st and then reply to quote and explain what you need  to leave in a vehicle and we can see what options we have for you



  • Goods are to be securely packed in appropriate removalist boxes or suitcases - We recommend standard removalist boxes or suitable airline suitcases, or closed travel bags and adequately restrained or contained to prevent movement during transit.
  • All boxes/suitcases are to be left in the boot of the vehicle or back of station wagon.
  • If your car is a station wagon or similar, nothing is allowed above the rear window to obstruct rearview mirror site
  • Contents cannot exceed 80kg in total, 60kg in some cases.
  • If goods are not packed in boxes or suitcases according to our requirements, we will refuse to transport your vehicle
  • You bear all risk of loss or damage to personal items left in the car and damage caused to the vehicle by having personal effects in the motor vehicle
  •  Vehicles travelling into Tasmania must have Tasmanian Government Biosecurity documentation completed and supplied prior to transportation of the vehicle


This may seem reasonably obvious, but you would be surprised what some customers leave in their vehicles.

We will not carry or otherwise handle Dangerous Items, including, but not limited to, dangerous goods, weapons, firearms, ammunition, petrol and fuel, LPG/propane cylinders, or any other item that we reasonably believe to be dangerous.


Transporting a car with perishable goods

Another no-no, if there is any chance that transport is delayed you can guarantee it will be in a vehicle that someone in their wisdom has decided to leave last weeks groceries in the boot, so please no perishables


Moving Pot Plants and live item

Again we hope that this is reasonably obvious, there is some quarantine restriction on moving plants any, and yet they will perish stuck in a locked car that is being transported across the country, so no Gladioli or any other type of plants, please.

A bit of common sense and courtesy

No rubbish. We realise that often people moving a car interstate are also moving home themselves and everything is one mad rush, but take 10 min to clean out any rubbish or loose items floating around the cars, this is more to ensure something does not smell even worse at delivery than it did at the collection, but also means that nothing of importance is adrift in the car