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 Transit Warranty when a car is being moved

You acknowledge that the carrier does not provide insurance in respect of the Goods and that

You are responsible for obtaining any insurance. You require relating to the Goods or any Motor Vehicle.


1.1 Subject to conditions 1.2 to 1.5 inclusive, Car Carrier warrants that the vehicle will be delivered to the delivery address in the same state in which it is picked up or accepted by them

Car Carrier will not be liable for damage unless the damage is noted and signed for on the delivery receipt copy of the contract and vehicle condition report.

1.3 Car Carrier warranty does not extend to pre-existing damage, hail damage, mechanical or electrical damage or derangement, loss or damage to personal property or effects from or within the vehicle, damage to the car due to movement of objects within the car, insect damage and bird droppings, or a force majeure event.

1.4 If Car Carrier breaches their warranty and pays you the substantiated purchase price or fair market value of the vehicle, which ever is the lesser, then we will own the damaged vehicle or the vehicle if it is later found.

1.5 Car Carrier warranty is for physical loss or damage only to the car. Car Carrier will not pay any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage including loss of profits, business or anticipated savings or other economic loss, even if Car Carrier knows they are possible or otherwise foreseeable.

1.6 Car Carrier reserves the right to appoint an independent Loss Adjuster to verify the extent of the loss.

To the extent permitted by law, where Car Carrier is Liable for a loss suffered by You,

Car Carrier’s Liability is limited to the cost of repairing the Goods or the payment of the market value of the Goods (whichever is the lesser amount).

Car Carrier shall be entitled to choose whether it will repair the Goods at repairers of its choice or pay the cost of the market value

Car Carrier also has the right to specify the use of New, Used or Non-Genuine Parts for the repairs.

Car Carrier may appoint a loss assessor of its own choice.

If you require transit insurance on your car, please reply to your quote, and we will send a new quote for transport with a carrier that supplies comprehensive coverage on transportation.

customer reviews on car transport

Older car transport

Staff were great to deal with, had a large older model car, but they could quote this for me and I moved the car to Darwin, good thing with them is that they also give you a track and trace. So you can see where your car is at all times. Many thanks Brian

Car sit on front or back of carriers

Unfortunately you are not able to choose where your vehicle will sit on the car carrier. They are placed depending on the schedules they have ahead of your delivery.