Advice on moving a car interstate

Take Photos of Cars

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Always take photos of your car, keep them for your records. Take note of any scratches or dents, stone chip and so on. Always take photos of the car from all sorts of different angles.

keys cars being moved

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Ensure you have all keys prepared to hand over – we need access to all doors and drawers if any, and the boot for per-transport assessment.

Canvas Covers on Cars

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Try not to anchor convertibles with a canvas cover. These coverings can at times resemble sandpaper on vehicles and vehicles are not transported with these under any conditions.

Check For Oil Leaks

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Check your car for any oil leaks, and make sure that these are fixed before transporting. Check oil check your engine and so on, really give it a go over maintenance check to make sure there’s no underlying issues that are not going to cause any transport issue.

Remove Toll Tags

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Removal of all toll tags is also a good idea, these are not needed whilst your car is being transported. If the tag is left in the car, you maybe charged fees whilst the truck goes through tolls.

Be Prepared

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Always fold back your mirrors and pull the antenna down. Items like fog lights or any special attachments should be removed. If you can always avoid moving your car with any roof racks. Issues can arise with these being over height, in turn costing you more at time of collection.

car covers removed

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Detach any car covers that are on your car, the car covers can not be on your car, This can be a missile whilst traveling on the trucks

Special Notes Truck Driver

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If you can, make any special notes for the driver if needed. For example, if the clutch is different, the car is started a different way, these things make the transportation easier and faster at time of collection. Leave a note in the car if you have to with any special instructions.,

Personal Items

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A car transporter’s protection won’t cover any items inside your vehicle. These things may move whilst in transport and cause huge harm to your vehicle. You can be held subject if your things cause harm to another vehicle or the vehicle truck. Always remove any valuable items.

Dangerous Goods

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Never under any circumstance can you have any firearms, flammable materials, gases or liquids. Your car will be thoroughly inspected and can be refused if these rules are not adhered too.