How Much Does Car Transport Cost

How Much Does Car Transport Cost

Depending on where you are moving to, Moving Cars can help you if you need to bring your car along.
Whether you're a student, in the military, senior citizen, or just moving out of state, Driving may not be an option for you.

Several options available when transporting cars

First, you can hire someone to drive your car across the country if you have much faith in this person and not caring about the extra mileage. Then this is the route for you.
But how many people can we trust to drive our precious vehicles around or another option is to sell your truck or car and not worry about it Moving Cars can help you transport it.
When you ship your car, the best way to save money is to compare prices from several cars carrying companies.

Moving Cars can help save money by showing you all options

Get multiple interstate auto transport quotes from numerous companies.
Don't always go with the cheapest quote you find.

Your car is a valuable asset and an integral part of your daily life, and finding a reputable company you can trust to transport your vehicle safely and quickly for a reasonable price is an important decision.
There is so much competition between companies in the auto transport field that it becomes practically impossible to pick one immediately.
Do some research, get multiple quotes and see what other people say about the actual company.
One of the most challenging tasks in deciding a car transport solution is choosing a reputable company and open or enclosed.

Open or Enclosed Car Transport, what is the difference in price?

Open means cars travel on a trailer where they may experience whatever weather it will be transported through an enclosed, meaning a boxed container protecting your vehicle from all sorts of weather.
Generally, you only need to be enclosed for classic cars, show cars, and expensive cars.
There is always a chance for any damage with both open and enclosed trailers.
The only real difference is that you don't have to worry about paint chips and whatnot with enclosed.

So, how much does car Transport cost with Moving Cars?

Pricing is very competitive; we aim to get you the lowest prices going around.
There is no exact price to move your car across the country.
The bigger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, 4WDs and vans are more expensive to transport than sedans.
Also, modifications to suspension (like being lowered or lifted) or oversized tires can impact the cost of car transport. Basically, the larger the vehicle, the higher the price to transport.

Moving Cars can help with vehicles that have been lowered but only by our specialised carrier.

Therefore, you need to advise customer service at the time of quoting.
All Moving Cars prices are inclusive of GST.

Transport options

Depot to Depot is often a less expensive option. Although, if your car is shipped depot-to-depot, there may come storage fees that accumulate each day the vehicle is kept in the depot yard.
These prices vary depending on who the actual carrier is, but they can range from $10-$55 per day.
The depot may be several hundred miles away from you, adding travel costs for you to get to the closest depot yard.
Moving Cars door collection (from your residential address) would be the better option for you.
The choice is yours, based on the convenience.
Is a residential address in a rural area, out of the way, or in an urban environment? While not a significant factor, if the pickup area or destination points are not on heavily travelled routes or hard to reach areas off the main highways, it can impact the vehicle transport cost.

Transit times are estimates only.

We have to consider that there may be delays that Moving Cars are not advised of immediately. Fuel Levy can also play a large part in transporting your vehicle.

The rising cost of fuel is enough to drive any car transport company to the brink.

Transport operators work on extremely tight margins, and fuel costs can fluctuate from month to month.
Moving Cars can also assist with transporting Non Driveable vehicles.
Bear in mind, non-drivable vehicles have to have foot brake, hand brake and steering all in full working order.
It will increase your quote as your vehicle will need to loaded/unloaded on and off the carrier with specialised equipment and or Tow Truck.
Moving Cars will NOT be able to assist with this option at all.

How much does car transport cost then? Well, maybe grab a Moving Cars quotation and see!